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QA Level 3 Foresty First Aid (+F)

forest worker cutting the trunk in the f
This Qualsafe Awards Recognised qualification has been designed to provide Learners with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with emergency first aid situations in a forestry/agricultural context. 

This short, yet informative course provides Learners with the knowledge and practical competencies needed for the treatment of injuries and diseases that could occur whilst working in a forestry/agricultural specific environment. Topics covered are: extreme hot and cold temperatures, managing catastrophic bleeding, crush injuries and Lyme disease.
This qualification is intended to be delivered in conjunction with a regulated first aid qualification (minimum of 1 day) and will confirm the Learner’s abilities to meet a ‘licence to practice’ as determined by the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and the recommendations in the First Aid at Work – Forestry Commission Policy. 

Course programme:

  1. Know how to manage a casualty who is experiencing the effects of extreme cold and extreme heat.

  2. Be able to manage catastrophic bleeding. 

  3. Know how to manage a casualty with crush injuries. 

  4. Know how to manage a casualty with Lyme disease.


Courses duration: 2 Hours


Ofqual Accreditation Level 3 QA Forestry First Aid +F (3 years) 

We are a Qualsafe Training Centre which means our courses are approved and recognised by Ofqual Accreditation.

Intended audience:

This qualification is for people who hold or intend to complete an Emergency First Aid at Work or First Aid at Work qualification who may deal with special hazards in an emergency situation within a forestry/agricultural context.


Note: Those working in core operations on Forestry Commission land will require an appropriate and valid Emergency First Aid at Work or First Aid at Work qualification in combination with this QA Level 3 Award in Forestry First Aid +F (RQF) qualification. 




​On-site training at your venue or our venue to suit you.

£950 - QA Level 3 First Aid at Work, Plus QA Level 3 Forestry First Aid (+f ) Combined Course and *Bonus Catastrophic Bleeding.


£450 - QA Level 3 Forestry First Aid (+f) Stand alone course.

(max 12 people)

Please note that the QA Level 3 Forestry First Aid (+f) is ideal when combined with our Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work Course and meets your regulations and you gain three qualifications with our bonus add, all on the same day.


*Bonus add on. We have added Catastrophic Bleeding ,haemostat dressings and the use of a tourniquet to the Level 3 Forestry First Aid (+f) training.

*As a direct result of the European Resuscitation Council’s guidelines on first aid, this is a comprehensive course includes the recognition and management of catastrophic bleeding for those in high-risk environments.



  • recognise life-threatening bleeding

  • wound packing and haemostatic dressings

  • how to control life-threatening bleeding using a tourniquet

  • control life-threatening bleeding using haemostatic dressings and a tourniquet

  • shock 

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