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Qualitative Face Fit Testing

Sussex First Aid Courses have put together a package for Face Fit Qualitative Testing to ensure you have the confidence you are meeting your staff protection needs and patients needs with dental treatments and medical emergencies with-in the dental practice that may occur.

Face Fit Qualitative Testing to ensure you have the confidence you are meeting your staff protection needs and patients needs with dental treatments and medical emergencies with-in the dental practice that may occur. ​

This will ensure you are meeting all your COSHH, HSE requirements for AFFP treatments and medical emergencies with in the dental practice.

Our Fit Testing Training team have a wealth of practical experience of face fit testing. This makes a difference to the quality of testing and providing practical guidance, advice and helpful hints and tips all gained from a working practical knowledge in frontline emergency work and providing qualitative face fit testing.


We work with every make and model of mask from FFP1, FFP2 & FFP3 disposable masks through to semi-disposable and reusable half masks.

We provide Qualitative Fit testing (QLFT)

We conduct of face fit testing, qualitative testing that results in matching an individual’s face shape with a compatible mask to ensure a tight seal is achieved. All our staff are fully trained, qualified and compliant to the HSE Guidelines.



Qualitative Testing

  • Used only for disposable and half face masks.

  • The individual wears a hood over the head and shoulders and the tester sprays a bitter solution into the hood.

  • The wearer carries out a series of exercises, such as turning the head from side to side.

  • If the individual can taste the solution, there is a break in the mask’s seal. 

Qualitative fit testing (QLFT) is a pass/fail test based on the wearer’s subjective assessment of any leakage through the face seal region by detecting the introduction of bitter- or sweet-tasting aerosol as a test agent. QLFT methods are suitable for disposable and reusable half masks; they are not suitable for full-face masks. Although this type of test is based on subjective detection and response by the wearer of the RPE, it is important that it is administered by a fit tester competent in using this method.

A face fit test is a simple 20 minute test. Ideally face fit testing should be carried out at mask selection stage, so employers can ensure the correct mask models and sizes can be purchased.  Repeat face fit testing should also be carried out on a regular basis (typically every one, two or three years depending on risk) or if the wearer loses or gains weight, has significant dental work, or gains scars, moles or other facial features where the mask seal meets the face.

What does the test involve:

Face fit is a series of tests and exercises emulating a full range of facial movement to ensure an adequate seal is maintained. The test is laid out as such:

  • Normal breathing

  • Deep breathing

  • Head side to side

  • Head up and down

  • Bending over

  • Talk out loud (reading a passage of text)

  • Normal breathing

All exercises (except bending over) are carried out while stepping on and off a low step.

All exercises must be passed.


How to prepare for your face fit test:

Several things could affect the results of your face fit test, due to the accuracy of the equipment. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Facial hair (see below)

  • Long hair (will need to be tied back)

  • Eyewear

It is also recommended that you do not smoke, eat or drink for at least 1 hour prior to the test.

Facial hair, stubble and beards make it extremely difficult to get a good seal. If there are good reasons for having a beard (ie, for religious reasons) alternative forms of RPE, that do not rely on a tight fit to the face are available: ie full hooded masks.


Group settings:

On-site Fit face Testing at your location to fit in with your schedule.​

   1- 5  staff       £285*
  6 - 8  staff       £305
  9 -11 staff       £355

12 -14 staff       £405
15 -20 staff       £495

21 -25 staff       £555

*Minimum charge payable.


NB:  Additional costs (potential depending on location) – accommodation and mileage

Our Fit Testing is fully compliant with the HSE guidelines.

Face Fit Testing at Sussex Fist Aid Courses

Our staff are fully trained in qualitative face fit testing in accordance with current Regulations and Approved Codes of Practice and HSE Guidelines.

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