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Administering Buccal Midazolam During a Seizure

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Administering Buccal Midazolam During a Seizure



Course Programme:

A practical face-to-face workshop teaching how to manage and treat a seizure with rescue medicines such as buccal midazolam. Learners have their competence individually assessed by an experienced Paramedic, pharmacists or nurse. Theory is studied using video, case studies, discussion and a comprehensive workbook provided on the day.



2-3 hour workshop


Aimed at:

Staff in all health and social care settings, transport staff and schools.



Delivers the learning outcomes specified by the Joint Epilepsy Council of the UK and Ireland


Learning Outcomes:



  • What causes seizures

  • Different types of seizure

  • Individual healthcare plans for epilepsy

  • What are auras

  • Risks from seizures

  • Risk assessing for people with epilepsy

  • The psychological, social, and effects on learning epilepsy can have

  • Learning disabilities and epilepsy

  • Seizure triggers

  • Photosensitive epilepsy

  • Exercise and physical activity in epilepsy

  • Treating epilepsy

  • Emergency medication for epilepsy

  • Storing emergency medication for epilepsy

  • How is rescue medication given

  • Side effects of rescue medication

  • How quickly does rescue medication take to work?

  • Post seizure management

  • What to do if the seizure still doesn’t stop

  • When to call an ambulance

  • When the seizure ends – record keeping


Practical workshop:

  • Understand types of seizure 

  • Individual care plans and seizure record diaries

  • Demonstrate how to provide first aid during a seizure

  • Demonstrate how to prepare the correct dosage of Epistatus

  • Demonstrate when to give midazolam

  • Demonstrate how to administer midazolam (Buccolam and Epistatus) to an individual

  • Explain what vitals to check after giving midazolam and what side effects to look for

  • Demonstrate how to place an individual in the recovery position (if required)

  • Demonstrate how to monitor for side effects after administering midazolam

  • Demonstrate how to record the administration of midazolam



We assess knowledge with an assessment on the day. We will assess your individual competency to administer buccal midazolam on the face to face workshop.



£475  (max 12 people).



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