We receive many enquires regarding First Aid and Dental Practices CPD medical training. Here we are building a list of the most frequent questions we are asked  with answers and outside links.


We are also building a community YouTube channel for sharing the most up to date advice in medical emergencies and training. Please join our community and lets grow together.

Garry Perkins

HCPC Paramedic

Dental Practice and First Aiders Frequently asked questions

Is video right for me?

Yes. If you have social media, a website, or do live events, having video is a must. Videos are vital to reach new customers and explain your products, services, and experiences. Don’t be left behind in the video game, step to the front of the pack. Send us a message right now.

What is it going to cost to produce my video?

Each video project is unique. The style, length, number of individuals and locations involved all play a role in the amount of time and therefore cost to make that video. We are happy to give you a quote, and a guaranteed video price before production. But what you want right now is an idea of price so here are some ballparks to expect. Shooting on location: $150 per person on location for a half day. Usually between cameras, lighting and audio two or three people are required on location. But don’t worry. We can shoot a lot in just a few hours! Editing: Editing works the real magic in video production. $35 per minute of finished video is a good guideline when planning out your video cost.

What Equipment will you use?

All our gear is top of the line, to ensure some of the best quality video possible. We use however many of our four DSLRs as needed. All record at Full-HD. We can do slow-mo too. We use monopods, tripods, sliders, and gimbals to create a variety of footage between stable and smooth-moving shots. We also use excellent sound recorders and mics. Great audio is a huge part of video, and must not be overlooked.

Here we have a range of videos and training presentations that we hope will help you in many matters related to the dental practice or first aid situation. Join our community on YouTube and lets grow together.