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Here we are working with our clients.

CPD Presentation

Garry Perkins presents CPD medical emergency training for the forth year running at the Implant centre CPD day.

Sussex First Aid Courses


CPD medical CPR training


Launch of or colour coded dental medical

Dental Teams CPD medical training

Garry Perkins presidents at the Implant


Nikki working with our dental teams

Dental Teams Training


Age concern recieving a new AED from Garry Perkins at Sussex First Aid Courses.

Dental Teams CPD Training

Training with Dental teams BLS and medical Training.

Sussex First Aid Courses

Our training venue in Burgess Hill

Sussex First Aid Courses

We have a great coffee shop at our training venue.

Getting ready for a new course.

Garry Perkins

Garry Perkins HCPC Paramedic presenting at the annual Implant Centre CPD day with over 300 hundred dental staff on the day.

Detnal Teams Training

Community responder training

We use the most up to date training equipment for all our learners.

Windmill Dental Practice

Its Christmas and training with one of our great clients the Windmill Dental Practice in Southwick.

Windmill Dental practice

Garry Perkins First aid

Dental teams first aid

Dental teams training

Garry Perkins Sussex first aid

We have the most up to date training first aid equipment on the market and fully fitted vans to meet your training needs.

Dental teams first aid

Sussex first aid courses

ILS and BLS courses to meet your needs. Here we are teaching at the Virgin Atlantic Training centre in Gatwick Airport.

First aid training

Teams putting into practice the new skills they have learnt of the EFAW course.

Students on one of our courses putting new skills to the test.

First Aid Training Burgess Hill

Garry Perkins

Sussex First Aid Courses

Nikki one of our very experienced First Aid Trainers in her role as a Community Responder.


AED training comes with all our first aid courses and can be adapted to meet all needs.

Garry Perkins

Garry Perkins at The Brighton Centre Dental convention

Garry Perkins

Garry Perkins working with clients teaching medical emergencies within the dental practice.


You're in safe hands