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Foster Carer Emergency First Aid at Home Course

Sussex First Aid Courses Foster Carer First Aid Training Courses

Foster caring can be a challenging but satisfying role, with foster carers facing many situations on a daily basis with a range of social and complex dynamics.

Part of this role may be to administer first aid or to administer certain medications within set guidelines laid out by social services, GPs or the Fostering agent.

This course takes into account the role of Foster carers and the different challenges and aspects they may have to deal with.
The course continues to build on the foundation laid in the initial training course that the foster carers attend (The Skills to Foster) or will attend as carers progress through their training and endorses the practice of Safer Caring approach that is strongly endorsed by foster agencies.
The course will aim to give carers the confidence needed in dealing with many situations from self harming, administering of medications and dealing with life threatening emergencies.

This course also endorses the role of the carer in collating, completing an accident report form, logging medication given and awareness of guidelines that may be in place between social services and the Foster agency.

Course Content:


  • First aid procedures pertinent to a school and Foster Carer environment

  • Childhood illness and Spotting The Sick Child/Baby

  • Choking

  • Burns and scalds

  • Bleeding- wounds

  • Head Injuries

  • Control of bleeding

  • Anyphlaxis 

  • Resuscitation CPR - AED as appropriate for age group

  • Management of unconscious Child/Baby

Six hours:

Assessment and certification:

 Emergency Paediatric First Aid 


​On-site training at your venue to suit you.

£975 group rate (max 12 people)

Plus VAT

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