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Providing Safe,PPE advice and training guidelines to keep you safe.

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Here we have a selection of UK Government advice sheets and videos on PPE and safe practice for Dental Teams and First Aid Training that we endorse in our training courses. 


Statements on COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Primary Care Settings

Dental Teams CPD Medical Emergencies Training (Covid-19 moving forward 2022)

Dental Teams staff Medical Emergencies Core CPD training and moving forward in 2020. We are now conducting face to face Dental Medical Emergencies core CPD training.


It’s a fine balance in the delivery of CPD training within the dental practice at during these current times and we are working within the UK Government and  (Covid-19 Qualsafe) guidelines. All dental practices have different dynamics regarding location, space and team numbers to accommodate. We are looking at many different ways to meet your needs and flexibility is a key factor in theses challenging times. 


Due to the very nature of training we have adapted the presentation and delivery to make it all as safe as practicable. However, it's a little more challenging for larger groups and teams. 


A number of practices are hiring larger local venues for us to attend and deliver training or we can make arrangements for your team to attend and use our large training venue in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. We are able to make all the arrangements for you to hold your training session at our venue for up to 20 staff if required. 


The hire fee is around £60 and this would be added to your total training fee.  For many practices this would be more cost effective than holding two training sessions with smaller groups at their venue. You may wish to consider a Saturday morning or midweek evening as this allows you to keep the practice open during the week.


Conducting the training at our venue can be conducted in a morning, afternoon or evening in 3-4 hours sessions and is a great way of keeping it all very simple. This also helps to keep the costings lower and teams together. It also means your practice does not incur extra cleaning after training.


A number of dental practices are arranging two training CPD sessions on the same day at their venues for larger teams. This allows a practice to train in two half day sessions and keeps the training more manageable and within the current Covid-19 guidelines.  A discount would be applied with this type booking for an all day training booking at your venue.



Some teams are having two separate training dates for larger teams and this would incur two sets of training costings and two separate training dates would be required to fit in with your plans. 


We are also running evening open CPD training events throughout the year for individuals or team members at our training venue in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. All bookings, dates and more information can be found on our Open Courses Page.


Due to the very nature of Covid-19 we are continually adjusting to the new guidelines as and when needed. Please do contact us for a more personal plan to conduct your teams First Aid and Dental Teams CPD training needs. 


Kindest Regards


Garry Perkins

HCPC Paramedic

Public Health England Advice PPE Training and Educational Videos

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