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Garry Perkins HCPC Paramedic and first aid trainer at Sussex first aid courses

Garry Perkins

Garry has been involved in first aid and caring for those in need for over 30 years.


Garry’s early days included him entering many first aid competitions and learned the importance of being methodical, open-minded and able to adapt treatment to meet the patient's needs.


Garry played a large part in the development and delivery of the homeless training services, pioneered by Sussex St John Ambulance. A service that is still being provided today, ten years later. Garry also delivered care on the streets and provided training to the homeless and IV drug users, on safe practices, while working within a team consisting of doctors, nurses and outreach workers.


This vital work included venues such as local prisons and outreach centres, teaching drug overdose awareness and treatment. This was a ground-breaking project at the time in Brighton, with Garry being the only trainer, out of forty-three, to step forward and take up this challenge.


Garry now delivers first aid courses within the fostering network and cared for his son, Ryan, who had Cerebral Palsy and was severely disabled. Garry gained great insight into the challenges that carers face each day in this challenging role. He also served for several years as Chair Person for the Special Needs Development Centre, based in Brighton.


Garry has taught first aid and manual handling to a number of special needs schools as well as in client's homes and adapts his training to meet their needs.


Garry is very passionate about his teaching and believes that all people coming into the learning environment should feel relaxed, open-minded and upon leaving, confident that they have achieved their full potential. Garry’s enthusiasm and underpinning knowledge are of great benefit to helping the student achieve this.


Garry continuously aims to reach his full potential, having dyslexia, he understands only too well the perceived ideas and worries that students can bring into the learning environment. In 2001, Garry went back to college to study and received Student of the Year Award and then went on to train as a Paramedic.


Garry has a background covering 30 years of experience working in and with volunteers and managed training, development and coordination of 24 Community First Responder teams that respond to emergency calls.


As a HCPC Paramedic and practice placement educator, Garry is at ground level, delivering care daily and this is very much a profession that Garry holds close to his heart. Garry teaches with real-life experiences and incorporates this in his delivery and has taught many teams, individuals, schools and colleges in first aid and advanced medical first aid.


Garry’s recent work has seen him work closely with the world-renowned cardiologist Professor Douglas Chamberlain, on the importance of defibrillation and early CPR from the bystander and how to improve the survival rates of out of hospital cardiac arrests.


As part of this work, Garry has worked in partnership with the West Sussex Fire Service and their co-responding units, delivering Basic Life Support and Automatic External Defibrillation training.


Garry brings a unique blend of personal experience and many years of practical application to his work. Acknowledged as a dynamic, personable and engaging speaker, Garry combines his own experience with his knowledge and sense of humour to effectively communicate his teaching.

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