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Training commitment Sussex First Aid Courses

Our Training Commitment

Garry Perkins HCPC Paramedic. Director
Complaints procedure:

At Qualsafe Awards, we adopt a proactive approach to resolving any complaint to the customer’s satisfaction. To ensure this is as efficient as possible, please follow these steps.

Contact the Trainer The first step if you have a complaint is to talk to the Trainer, in private if necessary, who should try to resolve the problem immediately.

Contact the Sussex First Aid Courses Ltd Email:

Contact Qualsafe Awards Only after giving the training centre the chance to deal with your complaint should you ask Qualsafe Awards to investigate. Please contact us, with full details, at


Qualsafe Awards

City View
3 Wapping Road


BD3 0ED 


Tel: 0845 644 3305                

Fax: 0845 900 1333                 




Sussex First Aid Courses Training Commitment Burgess Hill
Your Rights:

As a Learner at a Qualsafe Awards approved training centre you have certain rights.


You have the right to:


High-quality training You can expect the highest standards of quality training from suitably qualified Trainers, regardless of which training centre you have chosen.


Be treated with respect You will be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration for your dignity, religious and philosophical beliefs.


All our staff will treat you politely and pleasantly.


An explanation If you are not satisfied with the service you receive, we encourage you to tell the Trainer.


You have the right to a reasonable explanation.


Make a complaint If the Trainer or Sussex First Aid Courses Ltd is unable to resolve the problem, please see the procedure below.

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You're in safe hands

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